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You may not realize how poor your water quality is until you have it treated. If you want to transform your home’s water supply into the best quality, a reverse osmosis water treatment is the solution. Mainline Plumbing specializes in this state-of-the-art water filtration system, so you can have cleaner water flowing through your home. 

Learn more about this effective filtration system, how it works, and the benefits of having one in your home. Give our friendly team a call if you are ready to install a reverse osmosis filtration system. 

Reverse osmosis water filtered by Mainline Plumbing
Filtered water from reverse osmosis

What Is a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Reverse osmosis filtration systems feature a synthetic lining that traps unwanted contaminants from your water supply. The lining, which functions as a semipermeable membrane, allows for osmosis to occur. This process simply means that when water passes through a semipermeable membrane, it becomes a more concentrated liquid.   

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to change water’s property from a high concentration of contaminants to a lower concentration. In the simplest terms, reverse osmosis water treatment purifies your water so that no unwanted particles remain. 

Stages of the Reverse Osmosis Process

This first phase in the process involves a filter to remove large sediment and particles. Contaminants like sand, dirt, and rust can clog other parts of the system, so a sediment filter removes them first. 

The next filter water goes through uses activated carbon to remove contaminants. The carbon attracts chemical ions with a positive charge to prevent them from moving through the system. Harmful elements like chlorine and chloramines filter out of the water during this stage. 

When the water reaches the reverse osmosis membrane, molecules that are heavier than pure H2O get removed. The membrane filters elements like:

  • Salt
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Various dissolved minerals

Once the water reaches the post-carbon filter, it is rid of all dangerous contaminants and receives a final polish before it reaches you. 

Reverse osmosis water treatment - Mainline Plumbing
Clean water

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Systems in Pompano Beach

Installing a reverse osmosis filtering system in your Pompano Beach, FL, home presents many benefits, including:

  • Cleaner, safer drinking water: Having treated water in your home can improve the taste and is safer for you to drink.
  • Cost savings: You can keep more money in your pocket with reverse osmosis water treatment, as it eliminates the need to buy bottled water.
  • Easy-to-clean, low-maintenance filter: This system is easy to maintain as well, so you can ensure long-lasting filtered water. 

Reverse Osmosis Filter vs. Water Softener vs. Carbon Filter

If you utilize another water filtration system in your Pompano Beach home, such as a water softener or carbon filter, you may still have impurities within your supply. Reverse osmosis systems prove the most effective at purifying water. 

Reverse osmosis filters remove 99.9% of contaminants, even those as small as .001 micrometers. Carbon filters only remove elements larger than one micron, and water softeners tend to leave behind high sodium levels in the water. 

If you want extra filtration power on top of your current system, consider adding a reverse osmosis filter to your home. Our professional team can install this whole-house system, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have access to the cleanest water possible. 

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