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The last thing you want is bursting pipes in your Pompano Beach, FL home or commercial property. Whether a big pipe or a small pipe, they all can damage your possessions and property in innumerable ways. They could also lead to high water utility bills, hurting your financial wellbeing.

Calling an emergency plumber to fix your burst pipe is necessary, but there are various things you can do while waiting for the plumber to reduce the extent of the damage caused by the water. There are common reasons your pipes burst regardless of where you live. This article will focus on the causes of bursting water pipes at your residential or commercial property.

Old Plumbing System

An old plumbing system, especially those using polybutylene or lead for the pipes, is more burst-prone and could cause leaks at your residential or commercial property. However, all pipes can only serve your home for a specified amount of time, after which you must replace them or incur hefty water utility bills.

Although the emergency plumber may help plug the burst pipe up, you may need to perform extensive pipework in your property if what caused the burst pipes are the pipes themselves. Ensure that your pipes are inspected regularly and maintained to extend their lifespan and inform you when the pipes will have to be replaced. An emergency plumber will conduct the services above at your residential or commercial property.

Corroded Pipes

What is the material making your pipes? If the pipes are made from corrosive metals like iron, you will have to deal with pipe corrosion sooner rather than later. Over time, the metallic pipes will get corroded even when you conduct regular cleaning and maintenance.

Although plastic water pipes do not undergo corrosion, they have another effect similar to metallic pipe corrosion. The regular water use makes the plastic pipes brittle and breaks easily. When you experience pipe bursts because of a worn-down pipe, contact an emergency plumber to come and resolve the issue. While waiting for the technician to arrive, look for plastic materials containing the pipe. Enlist the services of a plumber for regular plumbing inspections. They will use camera inspection equipment to diagnose the problem and recommend repairs.

Frozen Water in Pipes

In places where weather conditions allow freezing, the water within the pipes freezes. From physics, whenever the water freezes, it expands. When water freezes and accumulates around the frozen water, pressure starts building up within the water pipe, making it burst. If your area receives freezing temperatures, keeping the faucets dripping slowly to ensure constant running water is vital in preventing water freezing within the pipes.

Contact the plumbing service to come and insulate your plumbing systems to ensure they are warm and prevent freezing. They can also install heating elements along with your plumbing system. Does your area experience freeze temperatures? Ensure you retain the services of an emergency plumber to insulate your plumbing systems like sewer or water line.

High Water Pressure

All water pipes are designed to handle a specified amount of pressure. When they attain their pressure capacity, they may end up bursting. The water pressure that each pipe can hold is usually provided during the installation of the pipe or written somewhere on the pipe. In situations where you consume a lot of water from a specific outlet, the pipe may become overloaded and have increased pressure. It will lead to abrupt severe pipe bursts that may temporarily stop when you turn off the main water supply. An experienced emergency plumber could replace your burst pipe and offer to advise you and the tried and tested ways of preventing over-pressuring the piping system in the future.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes are among the leading causes of pipe bursts anywhere. The clogged pipes can be quite some trouble. The constant accumulation of grease, fat, water, or limescale may cause your pipes to burst suddenly.

You may begin by noticing that water drains slowly in the issue with a clogged drainpipe. In other types of pipes, you have no means of knowing until an emergency plumber performs an inspection of the pipes.

Clogged pipes are hazardous because when they burst or crack open suddenly, the clogged sediments spill out from the pipes. Clear the area as fast as possible and place a plastic tarp under the pipe if you suspect this may happen. Ensure that you also switch off the water supply at the mains.

External Factors

Areas in Pompano Beach, FL, are exposed to water damage in their residential property because of tornadoes, floods, and other natural occurrences. An extreme force acting on your pipe may cause it to burst abruptly.

The movement of heavy machinery is also another factor causing the pipes to burst. If you have a landscaping project and heavy trucks move on top of the plumbing fixtures. They may burst the pipes, leading to leaks in your yard. When digging your yard during fencing, you may accidentally hit the water or sewer line, causing it to burst.

There is not much you can do to prevent such accidents in such a case. The emergency plumber may also reach the scene during turbulent weather. You might incur a lot of money in the additional water bills.

What Can Burst Pipes Do?

A pipe burst may wreak havoc in invisible and visible ways at your home. If you take long to locate where the pipe has burst, the water may have already caused considerable damage to your possessions and property. With fixing and detecting leaks, vigilance is vital.

The first sign of water damage on your property will be mold growth. Mold is a cause for concern for those having respiratory diseases. The water damage arising from your burst pipes may result in warping and decaying of your house structure, furniture among other components.

If the water penetrates your insulation and electrical wiring, it can cause massive damage. If the burst pipes are not repaired promptly, you might have to pay more for the repairs.

Emergency Plumbing Services Pompano Beach, FL 

How often do you have your plumbing system inspected and maintained by a professional? Do you mind what you throw into your drains? Clogging, freezing water within the pipes, and corroded pipes are some of the leading causes of pipe bursts.

Ensure you retain the services of an emergency plumber to inspect your plumbing system frequently to remove any blockages or clogs to avoid pipe bursts. Do you need the services of an emergency plumber in Pompano Beach? Call our licensed and experienced plumbers at MainLine Plumbing today.

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