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When pipes run for a long time, they eventually start to wear out, calling for repair or replacement. If you live in a house built before the 1986 Safe Water Act that banned the use of lead pipes in plumbing systems, chances are you could be consuming lead particles. Also, frequent plumbing issues can damage pipes; thus, you may have to replace them.

At some point, you’ll be in a dilemma about replacing or repairing the piping system. In a case of emergency, you might replace a single pipe, but replacing the entire piping system may not be an option in some instances. Repiping your home can save you the inconveniences and money incurred by recurring plumbing issues.

During repiping, a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, will replace your entire plumbing system’s cold and hot pipes. Although this process can be pretty expensive, it offers long-term benefits, not to mention the costs saved from frequent plumbing services.

How can you tell that your home needs pipe replacement and not a repair? In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the things that indicate you need to repipe your home’s plumbing system.

Frequent Water Leakages

Plumbing leaks can be annoying and cause massive destruction if not detected early. Some indicators of a leak in your plumbing system include nasty smells, hiked water bills, and low pressure. Plumbing technicians can fix a simple leak, but if the damage is extensive, you should consider requesting the services of a plumber near me in your area to replace the pipes.

In addition to huge chunks of money incurred during repairs, constant leaks can damage your personal property and facilitate mold growth resulting in respiratory issues.

Visible Corrosions and Discolored Water

If you ever notice red, yellow, or brown color in your kitchen or bathroom faucets, it indicates that sediments or rust has built up in your pipes, and repiping is needed. Most people assume or may not know the effects of drinking or cleaning with discolored water. You should seek plumbing services from a qualified plumber near me in Pompano Beach to help you examine the problem and conduct a repiping.

Older homes that use galvanized pipes may have corroded and rusted pipes. When going about your business in your home, check out for any discoloration, staining, or flaking of the exposed pipes. Old age, sediment build-up, low PH levels, and high temperatures can be a reason for the corrosion.

Drinking water from corroded pipes can expose individuals to unpleasant health risks. Also, corrosion of pipes sets the plumbing system to other issues, including water leakage.

Noisy Pipes

A sound and operational plumbing system should be intact and noise-free, only the sound of the smoothly flowing water. Noisy pipes are a common problem, especially in old houses, due to loose fittings, blockages, or water pressure issues. They are not only annoying but can also present awful surprises, such as emergency leaks.

If you hear knocking, whistling, squealing, or banging, it is high time you call an experienced plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, to check the root of the problem. These sounds signal a unique problem. For example, whistling presents a probability of high water pressure. Depending on the source of the issue, the plumber will determine if repiping is the best solution.

Constant Clogs

Clogging is a common plumbing issue that almost every homeowner will experience at some point in life. However, if it happens more often, you could have a deteriorating pipe, and repiping could be the best solution.

Old houses tend to have frequent clogging issues. As much as you are careful with what enters your drain system, aged pipes are likely to clog compared to normal ones.

If you are ever calling a plumber near me in Pompano Beach to unclog your system, then it’s time you consider repiping.

Low Water Pressure

Several issues can cause low pressure in your plumbing system, but the common ones are sediment build-up and corrosion, which block water from flowing freely. This puts pressure on pipes and can burst in extreme cases.

Although low pressure resulting from a minor plumbing issue can be easily repaired by a plumber near me in Pompano Beach, FL, it is vital to consider repiping to avoid extensive problems that could cost you in the long run.

A Rise in Water Temperatures

Boiling water doesn’t necessarily indicate the water heater is faulty. It could be a sign of old pipes. If the problem is persistent, a plumber near me in Florida can help diagnose the problem.

If it’s not the heater, the technician may advise you to replace the pipes as they could have jammed up the valve that regulates the water temperatures.

Weird Taste and Smelly Water

Every person needs clean water to bathe, drink, cook, and brush teeth. Thus, if your water smells and tastes odd, that should be an issue of concern.

If you detect something rusty with sulfuric or an unpleasant metallic odor, you could have deteriorating pipes that discharge peelings of rusty metal into your water. In such cases, you should reach out to a plumber near me in the greater Pompano Beach area to examine and repipe if necessary.

Unsafe Plumbing Materials

If your plumbing system is made of unsafe material, such as lead, you need to contact a plumber near me in Florida and have it replaced ASAP. Any amount of lead in water can cause serious health hazards, especially in infants and children.

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