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As a homeowner, there are many benefits to having a plumber install smart plumbing appliances and fixtures. Most of the smart devices installed by a plumbing company at your Coral Springs, FL home have various water-conserving features besides being highly convenient. If you are a homeowner looking forward to getting more from your plumbing, installing smart plumbing appliances and fixtures can go a long way.

In this article, you will learn about the various smart plumbing appliances that a plumber can install at your home and how they can help you. Remember, the main aim of the technology adoption in plumbing is to ensure comfort and convenience. Additionally, ensure that you enlist the help of a plumber to install these appliances and fixtures. DIY plumbing fixes and installations are highly discouraged.

Smart Faucets

Today, you can find all kinds of faucets. Other than conventional faucets, smart faucets have many different features. Some of the faucets alert you when water temperature changes or even the changes in water color. The smart faucets automatically shut off when they aren’t in use for over four minutes. Do you want to get practical? Then you can install some faucets immediately over your stove. This is perfect for filling the pots and your kettle. Besides water-saving features, the smart faucets also promote hygiene and safety in your home. Are you interested in installing smart faucets at your home? Contact your reliable plumbing company for a smart faucet installation service.

Smart Showers

 Do you want to have a luxurious shower? Have a plumber install smart showers in your bathroom. These showers can be connected and controlled via a smartphone. With it, you can pre-set the temperatures, take phone calls, and even play music. These are the kind of showers ideal for any homeowner who prefers a luxurious home besides having the ability to control their plumbing. You can connect these showers to other services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Because of their water-saving features, these appliances can save money on water utility bills. Since they are smart, the showers can recall the previous temperature settings. Have you fallen in love with the cool features of this plumbing fixture? If you have, you should contact a plumbing company in Coral Springs for recommendations on the quality of smart showers and their installation.

Smart Laundry

Did you know that you can also purchase a smart washing machine? Yes, a kind of appliance that offers you unfettered control over the laundry compared to a regular washing machine. It also has other features, including; a remote monitor, start or even stop the washing cycles using a smartphone. This, in effect, means you can finish washing your clothing even when you are away. The washing machine will also notify you whenever the washing cycle is completed.

The smart laundry machine also has a sensor that alerts you whenever something’s wrong with it or even when it’s due for maintenance. This technologically advanced washing machine also has a self-cleaning cycle. Further, you even can use the appliance’s amazon option to place an order for more soap if the detergent runs out. This ensures the convenience of the laundry machine. You can also integrate your smart laundry machine with a smart home. 

Fortunately, you also could do the same using the smart drier. You also can connect the smart drier to Wi-Fi and start or stop the drying cycles remotely. You also can download new drier cycles and control the smart drier using voice commands. The cost of repairing and purchasing a smart washer and a smart drier are the only shortcomings of having a plumbing company install a smart laundry.

If you are the kind of homeowner that prioritizes convenience over everything, then this is an ideal option for you. To avert a costly repair in the future, ensure that you enlist a plumber for routine maintenance and inspections. Additionally, you can avoid repairs by working with a professional and licensed plumber when installing the smart dryer and washer.

LED Temperature Monitors and Smart Pipes

The piping technology has advanced a lot over the years. Pipes with smart plumbing technologies can detect leakages and even notify you whenever there is an issue within the water and drain lines, such as a filtration problem. Do you have children or toddlers, then LED monitors are an excellent addition? It helps tell you when the water temperatures reach the desired temperature levels.

You also can have a plumbing company near you install leakage sensor kits along the water lines. These devices are essential because they can shut off the main water supply whenever a leakage is detected. Are you ready to install the smart plumbing fixture at your home? Enlist the assistance of a reliable plumber in Coral Springs, FL, today for their installation or even repair.

Smart Toilets

These are the kind of toilets designed to be water-saving and eco-friendly. Compared to regular toilets, these toilets use about half the water. The smart toilets also have smart features, including automatic flushing, heated seats, massaging bidet wash, voice activation, and foot warmers. However, you must hire a licensed plumbing company to ensure they are properly installed.

Smart Water Heaters

Like the leakage detection systems, the water heaters feature sensors that notify you if something is amiss with your appliance. The smart water heating appliance can also be programmed in a way that it can tell you the irregularities of your water use. Smart water heaters are eco-friendly like other technologically advanced plumbing appliances. Additionally, you only heat the water whenever needed, meaning you won’t have to reheat the water constantly. Therefore, you’ll use less energy and spend less on monthly energy utility bills. Though they are much more expensive than a conventional water heater, they have many benefits like water- and energy-saving. However, you should enlist a Coral Springs, FL plumbing company to do the installation.

Reputable Plumbing Company in Coral Springs

Do you want to install any of the above smart plumbing appliances in your home? Call us at MainLine Plumbing. Our professional technicians will expertly install these appliances to ensure the comfort and convenience of your home. We are a licensed and professional plumbing company with a wealth of experience. We put your needs above all else and leave nothing to chance in ensuring you get a high-quality service.

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