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The time a homeowner has to wait for the water to heat up after completely draining the water heater tank’s capacity is called the hot water recovery rate. However, the recovery rate of a water heater depends on several factors, including the household needs, water heater tank capacity, and the water heating unit itself. Regardless you shouldn’t have to wait for long until the water heater thoroughly heats the water. The slow hot water recovery rate is an indicator of another underlying issue.

A water heater with a slow recovery rate can prove frustrating and inconvenient. For instance, imagine waiting over 20 minutes for the water to heat up on a chilly winter morning before heading out for work. This will make you late and potentially put you at loggerheads with your employer. Hence, have a water heater repair professional in Lighthouse Point, FL, inspect the water heater to uncover the cause of the slow hot water recovery rate. Below are some of the issues that the professional will most likely uncover.

Dip Tube or Piping Connection Problems

During the installation, you should ensure that the piping supplying the cold water to the tank is correctly connected to the cold-water inlet indicated with a blue ring. Further, ensure that the hot water piping is appropriately linked with the hot water outlet indicated with a red ring. The other issue in the checking and mixing valve and single-handle faucets is plumbing crossover. It allows the cold water to cross over to the hot side and vice versa and effectively reduces the water temperatures.

Have you noticed that you are receiving lukewarm water even after waiting for a long? Then this might be the issue. Have a water heater repair technician inspect the unit and confirm that the dip tube isn’t broken. This is a piping that extends from your water heater’s cold-water inlet. They are designed to move cold water to your water heater tank’s bottom part. If the dip tube is broken and cool water leaks near the top of your water heater, then it mixes with the heated water.

Undersized Water Heater

Is your Lighthouse Point, FL home’s water heater too small to cater to your heated water needs? Then you will most likely experience a slow hot water recovery. This is common, especially for homeowners who installed the water heater while living alone but now have a family. It is also prevalent during summer or on holidays when several guests come to your home. Has your family grown considerably over the years? Then you should enlist a water heater repair technician to install a larger water heater. Another option would be to install a booster.

Whenever sizing your home’s water heater, ensure that you use the data below. It shows the relation between the capacity of gallons and the number of people to gauge the volume of heated water your household needs.

  • >5 people, purchase a unit producing 60-80 gallons
  • 3-4 people, buy a water heater with a capacity of 50-60 gallons
  • 2-3 people, buy a water heater with a capacity of 40-50 gallons
  • 1-2 people, purchase a unit having a capacity of 30-40 gallons

Failing Water Heater

Conventional water heaters usually have a lifespan of 8-12 years. Whenever the water heating unit approaches the end of its service life, its heating element begins malfunctioning, resulting in a slower hot water recovery rate. Are you experiencing slow hot water recovery rates? Has your water heating unit seen better days? Then it is time to replace the unit. This will help you save on water utility bills and reduce any potential possibility of water damage. Do you feel it is time to replace a water heater at your home? Hire a water heater repair company to help you.

Low Gas Pressure

The other reason you might have to wait long before the hot water starts flowing is low gas pressure. However, before you call in a water heater repair technician in Lighthouse Point, FL, check with your neighbors to see if they have a proper gas supply. You also can check with the gas utility provider to see whether there is a gas delivery issue. If there is an issue on their end, they will address it quickly.

Hence, whenever you smell or notice a gas leakage ay your home, open the doors and windows and immediately reach out to a water heater repair or gas technician. If there is low gas pressure, there will be an improper gas-air fuel mixture & poor combustion, resulting in prolonged water heating and lower water heater efficiency.

Sediment Accumulation in the Water Heater Tank

The accumulation of sediments within a water heater is among the main issues that reduce the water heater efficiency. This issue is more prevalent in homes that receive hard water from their utility providers. The dissolved sediments accumulate at the bottom of the tank and on top of the heating element. It reduces the heat transfer efficiency between the heating element and water. Besides reducing the recovery rate, the accumulation of sediments in a water heater tank also might make the tank start corroding.

This eventually results in hairline cracks and pinhole leaks. Accumulating sediments in the water heater means you’ll also be paying more in water heating bills at the end of the month. Hence, the next time you hear banging, popping, or rumbling sounds from the tank or notice that the hot water is rusty looking and smells terrible, it is time to call a water heater repair technician to flush the water heater.

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