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Due to clogs, leakages, and depreciation, plumbing problems are inevitable. These are the issues that could make your life at Boca Raton, FL, home unbearable, meaning that the need for an emergency plumber is unavoidable. Some plumbing issues like pipe bursts need prompt fixing. Otherwise, the damage they would cause would be catastrophic, costing you highly in restorations, repairs, and water bills. Plumbing issues differ in intensities, with some being worse than others.

Overflowing drains, toilets, and bathtubs might make your family’s life frustrating and miserable if you do not address them on time. Such overflows might lead to flooding, water damages, and destruction of your valuable property, which will incur expensive replacements, repairs, or restorations. But what can cause plumbing overflows? Continue reading to find out the exact causes of this issue at your home.

Foreign Objects Inside the Drainage System

Foreign objects like toothbrushes, toys, and bath towels can make your drains develop clogs resulting in overflows in your home. These foreign items might become stuck in the corners of your drainage system, preventing the flushable tissue papers, human waste, and wastewater from flowing through the drainage system.

Whenever there is no clear passage for the wastewater into the sewer line and consequently into the septic tank, if you have one, there is a likelihood that you’ll see overflows over time. Toilet backflows are a significant plumbing emergency that requires prompt attention from a professional emergency plumber to resolve before they permeate into your entire house. This could make your house uncomfortable or even result in disease outbreaks that may cost you a fortune in medical bills.

Hence, be mindful of the items you flush down your toilet. Don’t pour dirty water on food particles into your toilet. Whenever you plan on pouring greywater into your sink or drain, check to ensure there aren’t any foreign materials that might clog your drains.

Decaying Pipes

The pipes leading into the sewer line or septic tank deteriorate as they age. These degrading drainage pipes could curve and clog, preventing the wastewater and human waste from emptying into your septic tank. As a result, overflows and backups in your toilet or sink arise.

The pipes are vulnerable to breaking due to bending, causing them to become misaligned with the main drainage system. Rocks, mud, and debris can get into your pipes because of breakage and racks, resulting in overflows and clogs in your kitchen and bathroom plumbing appliances. Thus, you will need the help of a professional emergency plumber to avoid a more severe problem of flooding sewer water into your Boca Raton, FL home or water damage.

While fixing the water damage might be expensive, it isn’t as expensive as cleaning up all of the human waste overflowing from your toilet. A backed-up or overflowing toilet is also a health hazard. The maintenance and repair expenses are far less than the enormous medical expenses you might have to pay.

Hence, enlisting the help of an emergency plumber as soon as you detect stagnating water or toilet backup is critical in preventing expensive repairs and replacements. Repairing the overflowing or backing up the toilet on time may protect your family and you from getting exposed to sewage gas. Nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulties, and headaches are all potential side effects of exposure to sewer gas.

Slime Build-up In the Pipes

If you don’t regularly maintain your drainage system, you can be pretty sure that there will be an accumulation of grime on a massive level. You might be forced to enlist the services of an emergency plumber whenever this happens. Whenever gels, soap particles, toothpaste, and lotions are flushed down the drainage system, they form a gooey and sticky film of slime inside the pipes.

If you do not regularly clean the drains, the accumulated grime congeals and becomes thick, resulting in a clog within the drain pipes. This hinders the water movement within the sewer line. The blockage or clog may cause an overflow whenever you leave the faucets and sink running with no close monitoring.

The accumulation of slime inside the drainpipe forms the ideal and favorable conditions for bacterial growth while facilitating the corrosion of the drainage system’s pipes. However, by regularly maintaining the pipes, you avert the issue of overflowing bathroom drains, tubs, or even sinks. This also reduces any chance of calling an emergency plumber because you will have successfully prevented slime build-up inside the drains. This means that the molds won’t have a place to grow, and the sewage repairs will be minimal.

Clogged Drains

One of the most critical functions of your Boca Raton, FL home’s plumbing system is to ensure that all the wastewater and sewage is safely discharged from your home to a public sewage pipe or into your septic tank through a drainage system. But, when your drainage system is clogged, free water flows into the sewer system, or the septic tank at your home is hindered. As a result, the toilet, tub, or sink starts to overflow.

If your toilet begins backing up or there is stagnant water in your sinks, you should immediately enlist the help of a professional emergency plumber to remove the clog. An overflowing toilet is a health problem, and no one wants to become sick. A professional plumber will inspect your plumbing system for the source of the blockage and remove it using modern equipment.

Flushing items that don’t dissolve in water results in a blocked toilet drain. While certain objects are considered flushable, others must never be flushed down the toilet. Non-flushable items include sanitary napkins, bandages, automotive fluids, tampons, condoms, face tissues, masks, pads, and disposable diapers. Others include soap pieces, hair, and toothbrushes.

Clogs in your bathroom tubs, drain, and sinks can be caused by hair, debris, and grime. To avoid toilet and sink overflows in your home, choose a professional and reliable plumber like Mainline Plumbing to install a strainer to keep food particles and debris out of the drain.

Prompt Plumbers In Boca Raton

Plumbing issues don’t choose when to arise. They may arise at night, during the day, or even on holiday. As discussed above, plumbing issues differ in intensity, which informs the number of losses. While some problems can wait, plumbing emergencies require the prompt attention and expertise of an emergency plumber. Therefore, it is helpful to have the contacts of an emergency plumber with you in case of anything. Contact our plumbers at Mainline plumbing if you experience the unfortunate occasion of a plumbing emergency.

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