Quick, Call A Plumber! 8 Toilet Problems You Should Never Ignore | Coral Springs, FL

A faulty toilet is difficult to deal with in your home. It makes bathroom routines and activities troublesome. While some toilet issues go away on their own, others worsen with time when not addressed. Instead of waiting for a toilet problem to worsen, why not call a professional in Coral Springs, FL? A trained and experienced plumber will easily detect any issues with your toilet and provide a long-lasting solution. Furthermore, you can hire a plumbing company to do regular inspections to keep the toilet’s components in functional condition. Here are the common toilet problems a plumbing professional can fix.

Noisy Toilet

A toilet is a noiseless bathroom fixture, but when it becomes noisy, it becomes a concern. If you hear squeaking, slight hammering, or annoying whistle sounds, you need to hire a professional to inspect the toilet. If the toilet produces whistle sounds, it is an indication that the valve gasket is worn out. Still, if the toilet is outdated and doesn’t get regular maintenance, the internal parts succumb to wear and tear, leading to funny sounds.

If your toilet is noisy, you need to have an expert replace the valves, gasket, and tank. Plumbers check for any signs of aging, loOse parts, and corrosion to prevent you from doing frequent replacements.

Tank Issues

Cracked or broken toilet tanks are a major concern because they lead to water wastage and increase your water bill. To save water, you might want to switch off the water from refilling the tank while waiting for a certified plumber’s help. Any crack appears gradually but grows quickly, breaking your tank into pieces. Luckily, you can easily detect cracks and prevent future damage with a trained eye.

Hire a qualified plumbing professional in Coral Springs, FL, and they will tell you about cracks for the right action to be taken. Moreover, plumbers identify whether a tank has insulation troubles, leading to condensation problems. Your toilet needs regular maintenance to save you from costly replacements later.

Clogged Toilet

The drain pipes require regular maintenance to ensure your toilet is not smelly and cloggy. To ensure your toilet runs smoothly, toilet manufacturers advise you not to flush non-flushable items such as sanitary napkins, baby wipes, face wipes, and face masks down the toilet. Non-flushable things cause clogs, causing your toilet to overflow and create a foul odor.

Such items will lead to costly repairs and replacements. Drainpipes need space to breathe, and any time you flush non-flushable items, you are choking the pipes, leading to severe clogs. Hire a plumber for timely maintenance to keep your drains clear and in good condition.

Broken Flapper Valve

If you are experiencing toilet flushing problems, it is time to call a plumbing expert. Any time you face flushing issues, know that the flapper valve is either broken or malfunctioning. A flapper valve easily enhances water to fill the tank again after a flush. When a flapper valve breaks, it causes two problems; the water keeps leaking, or the toilet bowl keeps refilling continuously. This causes water wastage, increasing your water bill. This will largely affect you, especially if you are on a tight budget. The solution to this problem is to contact a professional to do preventive maintenance. Still, you will be alerted if other plumbing problems happen.

Leaking Toilet

If your toilet is outdated or aging, it will likely start leaking from the base as seals around it start to flake away. Still, the wax ring inside the toilet can rust with use and cause leaks. Besides leaking septic water, broken wax rings and broken seals cause the bad odor to spread in your house.

You may also notice that the toilet seat is becoming shaky and unsteady. This mainly happens when the washer bolts are eroding. Luckily, regular maintenance from a plumber will keep the seals in position.

Loose Connections

A loose connection is another toilet issue that can cause leaks. Some parts of your toilet may come off over time, causing your toilet to leak. For example, rubber linings can wear away with time and cause water to start seeping through. Still, mounting nuts and supply tubes may come out over time. To prevent loose connections, why not hire a plumber in Coral Springs, FL, inspect your toilet, look for whatever is causing the leak, and offer a satisfying solution. If the leaks go unchecked, they will spike your water bill. Contact an expert if your water bill has spiked suddenly within the last few months.

Corroded Lever

If the water in the bowl keeps draining even after a simple flush, call a plumber for an inspection. The lever may have been damaged or must have eroded over time, and a replacement is required. Besides, the chain attached to the contraption may wither away with time. Most homeowners are tempted to go with the DIY approach, which is the wrong action because it can cause permanent damage to the flushing components. Hire a professional to replace all the components. Regular maintenance is good to keep the components working in good condition.

Worn Out Washer Bolts

When you start finding random water puddles under the toilet tank, it is an indication the washer bolts have worn out. You may have to tighten the water bolts to prevent or fix any existing leaks. You can check for a leak by inspecting the bottom of the tank. However, if loose washer bolts are not the issue, you may need to call a plumber. The professional will inspect your toilet and fix it in no time. Don’t ignore the issue because it could be more than just worn-out washer bolts.

A toilet is an essential fixture in your home, and with regular use, certain parts can be damaged. Like any other bathroom feature, a toilet is open to wear and tear. If you notice any of the above issues, hire Mainline Plumbing today and have the problems fixed. Here at Mainline Plumbing, we have trained professionals who can handle any toilet issue and prevent it from occurring in the future. Contact us today and we will offer the best service.

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