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After using it for several years, your water heater will eventually need a replacement. However, regular maintenance and repairs might help you extend its service and push the replacement forward by some months or even years. It also lets you watch the unit’s condition to ensure you don’t have an unplanned emergency water heater replacement.

MainLine Plumbing is your reliable partner in Lighthouse Point, FL, to ensure your plumbing system is in good condition and observe the unit as it grows old. By investing in maintenance and inspections, you can avoid any unplanned water heater repair to restore the unit’s operation or replace the entire unit. It also helps you know the water heater tank’s condition if you use a conventional water heater, ensuring that you know the time to replace the unit or a component of your water heater and schedule for the service.

Maintenance Is Essential In Extending The Unit’s Service Life

Although your conventional water heater quietly sits inside your basement, supplying your home or family with hot water, it is essential to ensure that the water heater undergoes annual maintenance by a water heater repair technician. This ensures the unit can continuously supply your home or family with hot water without malfunctioning. The most critical plumbing service with a traditional water heater is tank care.

By enlisting the help of our plumbing technicians, your water heater tank will be thoroughly inspected for any damaged parts or leaks. We understand that tank care is vital in ensuring that your water heater has a longer service life. It also prevents flooding overpressure that might cause explosions, bursting or even leaks.

With overpressure, regular maintenance visits by our plumbers allow them to check the T&P (Temperature and Pressure) relief valve. This ensures that it is properly functioning and can provide the necessary relief or protection in the event of overpressure. If it doesn’t work appropriately by either not offering the required relief or leaking when it should not, our team will replace the T&P relief valve during the same maintenance visit.

Burner and Heater Maintenance

It is critical to properly maintain the unit’s burner or electrical heating elements to ensure that water is adequately heated. Whenever you hear buzzing sounds emanating from the water heater tank, that might signify a loose electrical heating element. If the water heating unit’s burner has some trouble starting, it might be time for an igniter, pilot light, or tune-up service. These services may help you save a considerable amount of money on energy costs because the traditional water heater relies on them often to ensure that the water is always kept hot or at the required temperatures.

The other service that a water heater repair technician can also offer is a thermostat adjustment. Your thermostat at times adjusts itself accidentally or gets bumped, resulting in incorrect temperature settings. Hence, depending on the set temperatures, your Lighthouse Point, FL home gets scalding hot water or lukewarm water.

The recommended temperature for your home’s hot water is 1200F. The water is hot enough for bathing, dishwashing, hand washing, and any other domestic hot water needed at these temperatures. It cannot scald the seniors and children who may not reach temperature changes or have a relatively low response to temperature variations.

If the water heater isn’t heating your water to the required temperatures even with the right thermostat settings, enlist the help of a water heater technician to insulate the pipes and water heater. The professional may recommend you install a tankless water heater in other cases.

Hidden Maintenance Items

A water heater has a lot of components that work together to ensure your home has a constant supply of hot water. Unfortunately, they sometimes run into issues, and although some are pretty simple to notice, others are not. One water heater repair component that might go unnoticed for an extended period until other secondary signs emerge is the anode rod. This is the part of your water heater responsible for protecting the unit from corrosion and ensuring that anaerobic bacteria don’t grow in the conventional water heater tank.

Because the anode rode protects the water heater tank from excessive corrosion by sacrificing itself, after about 2 years, the component may be completely used up. Since the tank doesn’t have a protection mechanism against corrosion, its interior walls begin rusting, becoming too weak to hold the pressure, and might explode. The anode rod may be from different metals, provided it has a higher corrosive action than the material making the water heater tank.

The anode rod used also depends on the water quality at your home. This is why it is crucial to enlist the services of a water heater repair technician for routine water heater maintenance. If the anode rod is depleted, the technician will notice it during the visit and replace it with another one.

Other Forms of Maintenance

A hybrid water heater requires similar maintenance or water heater repair. Including care for the heating element on a hybrid water heater acts as a backup for the primary heating source and regular inspection of the heat pump, which uses a compressor similar to an AC. Such mechanical parts and the electronic systems that control them also require care and maintenance. If error codes or unusual beeps or sounds happen, immediately schedule a visit by a water heater repair technician.

Tankless water heaters have longer durability because they don’t feature a tank that may corrode. This is further helped because they have very little water standing within them. Tankless water heaters use a gas or electric burner for instant water heating.

They also feature flow sensors that communicate with the control unit, signaling it is time to heat the water. The control unit might sometimes need a water heater repair technician’s attention during the unit’s lifespan. Sediment removal is also vital in ensuring that the water heater is optimally functioning.

Tankless water heaters vents might need cleaning several times every year, and many modern units feature reminders. If the vents become clogged, a shutdown is a possibility. Our MainLine Plumbing team will also ensure that the heating part of the unit and the energy supply is in good shape for reliability and top efficiency.

Water Heater Repair Services In Lighthouse Point, FL

A water heater is a vital plumbing appliance in your home. Hence, you must ensure that it is in the right shape to have a continuous hot water supply. This means enlisting the services of a reliable plumbing company like MainLine plumbing. Do you need any plumbing services, including water heater repairs? Call us today, and our professional and dependable technicians at MainLine Plumbing will address any water heater concerns.

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