Why Ask Your Plumber To Install A Touchless Faucet? | Ft Lauderdale, FL

With all the gadgets and gizmos for this and that available today, you might be wondering if you really need yet another one. But a touchless faucet is more than just a frivolous gadget. Many residential and commercial customers in Ft Lauderdale, FL are thinking about upgrading to these innovative plumbing fixtures. They offer some benefits you might not have thought about before. MainLine Plumbing offers new fixture installation services as well as a full lineup of professional plumbing services. We can send a professional plumber to your home or business to provide the plumbing solutions you need.

What Is a Touchless Faucet?

Touchless faucets rely on sensors to operate. Instead of manual handles that need to be lifted or turned, a touchless faucet has the technology to recognize when hands are placed under the fixture. Of course, if you’ve used these touchless features at malls or some restaurants, you may have found that some worked better than others. It’s true–certain fixtures will always function better than others and touchless faucets are no different.

Fortunately, you can obtain advice from a trusted plumber on our team. We help customers select the ideal fixtures and other plumbing features for their needs and budget. Even so, a well-functioning automated faucet offers many advantages that you should consider before you purchase your next faucet. We’ll outline them here:

Reduce Germ Spread

In recent years, reducing the spread of germs has become imperative in both public and private settings. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, many people are embracing strategies for minimizing the spread of that contagion as well as other common illnesses like cold and flu. With a touchless sink faucet, there’s no need to touch the fixture; there are no handles to adjust. After washing your hands, there’s no risk of picking up germs from sink handles since the water shuts off automatically. Improved hygiene, alone, is the top reason why so many Ft Lauderdale, FL customers have contacted a plumber from our team to install these features.

Water Conservation

Touchless fixtures are designed to conserve more water than traditional faucets. In busy households, it might be common for kids or even adults to let the sink run while they search for a towel or apply toothpaste to their toothbrush. All that running water adds up in the course of a month, and since it was actually needed, it’s wasted water. A touchless faucet will eliminate this water waste.

Save Money

Of course, when you conserve water, you will enjoy less expensive water bills. The savings depends on how much water is wasted in your home or business. The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that sink faucets use about 15% of a household’s monthly water consumption. By cutting that percentage down, you can cut down your bill. After a plumber installs your new fixture, be sure to compare your monthly water bills. In the course of a year, your new faucet may actually wind up paying for itself with the money savings.


Touchless faucets can add a level of convenience to your kitchen and bathroom. You don’t have to set dishes down to turn your kitchen faucet on. Younger children may find it easier to wash their hands when they don’t have to try to reach the sink handles. So long as they can slip their hands beneath the faucet, they can wash them easily.

Prevent Scalding

When installing your new touchless faucet, a plumber from MainLine Plumbing can make sure that the temperature is set to a comfortable temperature. This helps reduce any risk of scalding. This makes these features especially popular in homes with children as well as in preschool and elementary school settings in and near Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Control Water Pressure / Water Flow

Another advantage of a touchless faucet is that your plumber can adjust its flow to an optimum level. Again, this can help reduce water waste and cut down on monthly water expenses.

Touchless Faucets vs Touch Faucets

While a touchless faucet’s sensors detect hand motion, a touch faucet requires a simple touch to operate. Touch faucets, too, can be highly convenient; however, they don’t offer all the benefits that a touchless faucet offers. For instance, germ spread can be diminished but not eliminated to the extent that a touchless fixture allows. In either case, a professional plumber from our team can install your new fixture, ensuring that it operates as designed.

Are There Disadvantages to Touchless Fixtures?

The chief disadvantage of a touchless faucet is that it needs a power source. If the power at your home or business goes out because of a storm, for example, the faucet won’t work unless it has a battery backup. MainLine Plumbing can help you choose and install a fixture that has battery backup as well as outlet power. Every plumber on our team is certified and experienced. We can install any type of plumbing fixture you’re in need of.

If you’re interested in installing a touchless faucet, a plumber from MainLine Plumbing can help you with its selection and installation from start to finish. The technology for these devices has come a long way, and they work effectively, making them ideal for many homes and businesses. Of course, they might not be the ideal option for all of your bathrooms (or kitchen) but you may find that they’re the best option for some of your setting’s sinks.

Contact MainLine Plumbing if you need any type of plumbing service. Aside from plumbing fixture installation and repair, we offer many other plumbing solutions. Whether you need leak detection or drain cleaning, our plumbing pros can help. Plus, we have a reputation for outstanding customer service and fair pricing. Call us to learn more.

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